Other Stuff That Interests Me

This blog was set up to be about bees, beekeeping, top-bar hives, … You get the picture. Every once in a while though, I get the urge to post a random link to something not bee related. That’s why I am making this page. Its out of the way, so you can ignore it if you want. 🙂  I have also made another blog to post about other (non bee related) projects.

Other Blogs

Before I started blogging, I had never looked at blogs much (unless you call things like Slashdot a blog). Now, I check a few reasonably regularly (not all of the below, but some 🙂 ). Other than beekeeping, most of the blogs I have read are about agriculture or environmental type things. I think I have mentioned before that I want to be a gentleman farmer, and I also find renewable/sustainable energy fascinating. There may be a few here that are not blogs, but they fit the trend.

Agricultural Focused

Bean Sprouts

This Garden is Illegal

Diary of a Hobby Farmer

Slow Gardening

The Farmers Wife

My4 Acres

Energy/Environmental Focused



The Energy Blog

Alternative Energy Blog


Cleantech Blog

Computers, Software, Websites, and Tech Stuff

I like computers and other nerdy things.

Slashdot – all things nerdy

Wikipedia – I’m sure you have noticed I like this. Not only is it a great source of info on anything, I like the whole idea.

Open Source – I’m a huge fan of the whole open source idea. Free is great in both senses (gratis and libre) . I have used many distributions of linux, but currently use Ubuntu. I am always using Firefox and Thunderbird. Whenever I reasonably can, I use a open source program. It’s part of the reason I chose to host this blog on WordPress.com, its based on open source software (WordPress.org) and if I chose I can move this blog easily to my own server. I also really like the Creative Commons.

Pricelessware – A great list of free (as in gratis) software. Some is free (as as in libre), but not all. People from the alt.comp.freeware newsgroup select the best freeware software each year. They don’t include any adware/spyware. This is one of the first places I look when I have a need for new software. There is an old, non-updated website that comes up when you search for it (http://www.pricelessware.org/). Make sure you go to the http://www.pricelesswarehome.org/ page.

3 Responses to “Other Stuff That Interests Me”

  1. Mel Rimmer Says:

    Thanks for the link Sean.

  2. Amao Says:

    Thanks a great deal, ur site assisted me in writing my assignment on topbar hives. i appreciate. please am currently working on the natural food of honybee i.e the plants they visit and the constituents. please can u help me with article to write my literature review………………………thanks

  3. james l moseley Says:

    high. im lowry 65.this is my first year working with computers and allmost fried my laptop ( the repair shop guy said).when tried to download your plans. if someone has the deminisions please send them to me at jlowrymoseley@gmail.com me getting somthing from google is an invitation to the computer hospital. i like your hive and have bees in my oak tree that swarm eavery year wish me luck ,lowry

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