A guest blogger

Well, I’ve been pretty busy lately. All the pesky things like jobs and such. 🙂 I haven’t even been able to go check on my bees for a few weeks. Hopefully I will be able to go some time over this long weekend…

In the mean time, I have something else to let you all know about. I have had a number of people contact me with some questions about my hive design. A couple have built their own version. I have invited them to send me any pictures and new they would like to add to the blog as a “guest blogger”. The first I would like to introduce is Ken who lives in Los Angeles. I’ll post his pictures and comments, and you can either reply here or email him if you would like.


3 Responses to “A guest blogger”

  1. Jason Says:

    this is very interesting I have always wanted to get into this!

  2. Ernie Says:

    Nice looking top bar hive design, one question, how do you handle feeding?

  3. Ellie McLeod Says:

    I have a top bar hive-first year. Got a package of bees May 11. The hive has increased up to the 18th bar out of 27!! I went into the hive the other day, hadn’t been in it since they had made comb up to the 11th. They are joining all the combs. Not making any straight ones now. I took a knife and tried to cut through a couple of them only to infuriate the bees. Do you just let them do their thing up to the honey bars and not worry about the rest of it???

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