Planting flowers for the bees

Theres not a whole lot to mention about the bees lately.  I have given them some more sugar syrup, but have generally left them alone.

Someone the BeeSource forums pointed out a nice link that I thought I would pass along.  Burt’s Bees will send you a free packet of seeds that should give you “a pretty patch of flowers where bees can live and thrive”.  Hey, why not.  Its free.  I think most people could find a nice place to scatter some wildflowers.  The free seeds are found under the “Community/Community Initiatives” section.  I think this should be a direct link to the page.

4 Responses to “Planting flowers for the bees”

  1. Devin Rose Says:

    That’s generous of them to give out seeds!

    I have found a vine called Queen’s Wreath or Coral Vine that the bees love, so I am trying to grow a bunch of those vines from seed for next year. 🙂

  2. Amao Says:

    can u send me the list of favourable plants in your area which can be planted solely for bees

  3. kawayanan Says:

    Well first, your wouldn’t be planting anything solely for bees. Lots of native pollinators can benefit along with people (many of the plants have other good traits too). I am by no means an expert, but the NC Beekeepers Assoc has a list of major nectar plant bloom dates in the Piedmont area of NC. Take note however that not all these plants would be good to plant (and it varies by location). There are some plants on the list that are not native and can be invasive (some Vetch and Privet for example). Some trees are particularly good for bees (Tulip Poplar is important around here) but may take a lot of space and years to grow. Not that you shouldn’t plant them, just that they would require a bit more thought. If you really want to plant things for bees, you can check with beekeepers in your area.

  4. Roger Liermann Says:

    Hi, We want to plant flowers in the garden that will promote bees. What can you suggest.

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