Festooning bees

Sorry I haven’t posted much for a little while.  I normally check on my hives on the weekends, but recently my weekends have been otherwise filled (laying new flooring in second story of my home).  Even if I wasn’t busy,  there isn’t much to report.  I didn’t want to bother the bees too much after full inspections on both hives.  Today when I went, I simply gave them some sugar syrup (at the last inspection they didn’t have much reserves and I don’t think there is much blooming).

One funny thing I found at hive #2 was some bees festooning (hanging on each other).  This is actually quite common inside the hive and I see it pretty much every time I have opened up the hives.  Usually, the are bees connected across top-bars, so when I remove on I commonly get a line of bees that look like they are trying to hold the two top-bars together (I just pull a little and they let go – I’m stronger than them 🙂 ).  This time, I found a nice line of bees connecting the roof’s overhang with the entrance.  I’ve often found some bees recently haging out under the overhand of the roof, but this is the first time I have found them forming a chain to the entrance.  They just stayed there for a few min. while I watched them.  I had to break the chain however when I removed the roof to refill the feeder.  Inside the hive, bees do this while building comb.  I have no idea what they thought they were doing outside the hive (actually, I don’t think they thought it through fully 🙂 ).

3 Responses to “Festooning bees”

  1. Mel Rimmer Says:

    Nice to see you back. I actually had a chance to look inside a top-bar hive the other week, and having read this blog I was better-informed about what I was looking at.

    About the festooning – I am starting to come to the conclusion that bees while away their time dreaming up new things to do to drive you crazy. I have a theory that they were given the idea in the first place by a housecat, because cats do the same thing.

  2. slobeekeeper Says:

    I was wondering when your blog will be updated. Now remember that feeding us fellow beekeepers with info from your hives is more important than getting jobs done around the house. Just kidding 😉
    Yes I saw festooning bees also in my hive and it is kind of cute…

    Good luck

  3. a Says:

    bee passing wax discs up the chain to be deposited.
    efficient way if no foundation

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