Blog Business

I just a couple of little blog business things.

The first bit of business – I have mostly finished adding a couple of static pages. You should be able to see them on the right. With the way a blog works (reverse chronological order for the posts) and my designing and building the hives over a short time period, it was a bit of a challenge for anyone who was interested in how the hives were made to find the right posts. (Man that was a long complicated sentence. I need to work on my writing) To try to make the information more accessible, I created a few pages that document the design of the hives, their construction, and the construction of the top-bars. If anyone has any comments, or suggestions on making things clearer, I would welcome them (kawayanan at gmail dot com). If anyone had downloaded the SketchUp model of my hive, you should know that I updated the model a little (minor changes including the placement of the slot in the back).

The second bit of business – If you made a comment that didn’t make it onto the blog, I’m sorry. I don’t have the comment set to me moderated, but there is a spam filter here on Normally, I get an email when someone makes a comment and I usually try to respond. Today I want to respond to a comment, and my reply never showed up on the blog. It turned out that my own blog thought my comment was spam :p I think it was because I had a couple of links in it. Anyway, in finding out what had happened, I found four or five legitimate comments that had also been tagged as spam. I am not completely sure what flags a comment as spam, but I think one of the things is having links. Don’t get me wrong, the spam filter is a great thing. So far it has blocked at least 120 spam comments. (Its saved us from annoying links to sell pharmaceuticals, porn and other crap). I just realized that I do need to look through the blocked comments to make sure some real ones don’t get lost. I’m sorry if an anyones comments were lost.

Third (and last) – Not that it really effects anyone, but I think I will add a new section of links that don’t always directly relate to beekeeping but that might be interesting (other blogs, agriculture, environmental, computer related, etc – random stuff I find interesting).  I haven’t decided if I will have it as a group of links (like the others on the right), or put them on a different page.  Sometime I will get around to it though.

One Response to “Blog Business”

  1. Bug Girl Says:

    Thanks for the new explanation pages!

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