A Holiday Visit

Since today was a holiday, I decided to take my wife and kids out to see the bees. They hadn’t yet seen them and were interested in seeing them. In addition, I wanted to add a little sugar syrup since they were out when I checked on Sat.

My wife stayed back a little ways since she had my daughters with her, but she was able to take a few pictures. She pointed out that I have been missing from all my pictures. Now, you get to see a couple of me. Aren’t you lucky :p When I look through my family photos, they have the same “problem”. Lots of pictures of the rest of the family, and very few with me in them. Its the curse/joy of being the one with the camera.

I didn’t do much, just added syrup, checked a couple of combs (mostly for the camera), and opened the entrances a little. The bees were calm and weren’t washboarding much. There were a lot of foragers coming and going (right over my families heads). Hopefully the slightly larger entrances will alleviate any traffic jams. The veil I am wearing is the one I bought a visitor/backup veil, but its the one I have been using the most. It doesn’t always stay in the exact right place, but it is foldable and doesn’t require a hat. The veil on the jacket I got is nicer, but my bees have been so calm that I haven’t felt too much need to suit up in the jacket (and its getting hot out).



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