Quick Inspection

I went by my hives today to do a quick check. First of all, there were fewer of them out at both hives washboarding (the little back and forth cleaning thing).

It doesn’t mean that there was less traffic going in and out. They were busy, more than normal. Hive #2 had picked up noticeably. The last few times, there seemed to be less bees coming and going even though there were more bees washboarding. Today however, they were about equal to hive #1 in traffic.

When I opened up the hives, both had cleaned out their feeders. I didn’t bring any sugar syrup though. I have to come back to do that. I only checked the the first 3 combs in each hive. I didn’t want to bother the bees too much. They each still has combs on 7 top-bars, but they had filled the combs out some more. I also noticed that both hives seemed to have a lot more bees covering the combs. It just looked like more bees. Maybe I’m just hoping. 🙂 There wasa good bit more reaction to me opening up the hives though. They still were not aggressive, but there were a lot more bees that took flight. During the short inspection, there what a small cloud of bees buzzing around.

I did find some interesting stuff though. I saw eggs, larva, and emerging bees. 🙂

The difference in color of the photos was because I tried two different cameras.  My newer, higher resolution camera is in almost all ways better, but it lacks a macro setting.  The darker photo on the left is with my old camera.  I was trying its macro setting, but I had to turn off the flash or it just washed everything out when its so close.  Its an interesting contrast.

7 Responses to “Quick Inspection”

  1. xC0000005 Says:

    Love the pictures. Mind if I use one on my site?

  2. kawayanan Says:

    Go for it. I’d be happy if you did. There is a link on the right side of the main page explaining that I am licensing all my pictures under a Creative Commons License. I chose the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0. It means you are free to copy, share, and alter or remix as long as you give attribution, don’t use it commercially, and keep it under the same type of license.

  3. xC0000005 Says:

    I’m familiar with CC, and any commerical aspirations are years away (and will require an image scrub anyway), so CC works quite well for me. Thank you!

  4. kawayanan Says:

    By the way, I forgot to mention that I really like your webpage. You write very well and the stories are marvelous.


  5. xC0000005 Says:

    Ok – I’m working out a way to add captions (I’m relatively puny at HTML) but to whom do I give attributuion?

  6. kawayanan Says:

    I hadn’t even though of that :p Kawayanan or simply a link here is fine.

  7. Phil Chandler Says:

    Nice site – lots of good info. I will link to you next time I edit my site links.

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