Cleaning the Hive?

When I went to check out the hives again yesterday, hive #2 still had bees hanging out at the entrance that appeared to be cleaning the front of the hive. Hive #1 also had some bees doing the same thing, but not as many as hive#2. They are still not fanning, just cleaning. I captured a few short videos using my camera. I decided to put them on youtube so that I could post them here. Here is hive #1. You can see a number of bees coming and going in addition to the bees that appear to be cleaning. At the end you can see a bee coming in with pale yellow pollen. As you can see, the bees hanging out at the entrance don’t seem to be getting in the way of those that are coming and going. They seem to be able to get by without waiting.

As I said, hive #2 has more bees cleaning. They seem to have been doing this for days. Watch the three bees to the left just above the entrance reducer. Its almost like I have bees with OCD. They are just going back and forth, back and forth. I am really curious what they are trying to accomplish.

(If you try to play the video and it doesn’t work, it may be because I just uploaded them.  They take a little while to process before they can be viewed.  They should also get an image for before you play them some time too.)

2 Responses to “Cleaning the Hive?”

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