Holly and Clover

I was hoping to do my first real inspection of the hives today. Unfortunately, its cool and rainy. The bees would not be happy with me for opening their hive in this weather. I have been thinking of going out to check if they have enough syrup and take care of the ants. I could do that without opening the the hive and disturbing them much. I may wait till tomorrow or Monday however.

Right now, you will have to make do with this post about whats flowering around here.

One of the things that always seems to have bees on it when its in bloom is holly. Interestingly, the majority of the holly on the UNC campus bloomed almost a month ago. The holly around my house seems to be a slightly different variety, and has only recently started blooming. The earlier blooming holly is much thicker, like a hedge (thick enough that you can’t really see the main trunk). The later blooming holly we have around here (and in a few places on campus) is thinner, more like a tree.

I took some pictures of various pollinators on the holly around our house. Its popular with more than just the honeybees.

The clover is also in full bloom around here. There is lots of it in various places where the “lawns” are not fussed over. I have to smile when I see the yard around businesses or along the road covered in blooming clover. When I look, there are usually bees working it, but not as much as the holly. I usually have to look a little harder to find the bees.

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