A little more on the bees

Just a little more info on the bees. In addition to giving us a call, Brushy Mountain Bee Farm they also sent a letter apologizing for the 1 week delay. It was a nice touch. It also had some additional info on my “bees to be”. I had assumed that Brushy Mountain was getting the bees from another supplier, but never asked them where. At the time I put the order in, it was a little later than might have been good and I was just happy to be able to get some. Anyway, the bees and queens will be from Wilbanks Apiaries in Claxton, GA. It also seems that they are busier doing bee things than piddling around on the web like me (no website). I did find this however on another website:

Wilbanks Apiaries, in its fifth generation of family ownership, is among the largest commercial beekeeping concerns in Georgia, with 6,000 honeybee colonies. They are a major supplier of packaged bees.

Brushy Mountain spoke highly of them in their letter, and explained that they continue to use them because they feel that they provide a good product. I also did a quick search on the BeeSource forums, and it found mostly good comments about Wilbanks. I’m looking forward to trying out their product. 🙂

Now I just have to wait… I guess that gives me more time to try out my smoker.

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