Why bees?

I sort of jumps into the middle of the story with my very first post, and decided I should backtrack a bit and fill in the background story.  The two top questions about that background would probably be “Why bees?” and “Why top-bar hives?”.  This post will try tackle the first question.

I am guessing that I am the only person who can say that I got into beekeeping because of reading about artificial intelligence.  Its a bit of a roundabout way to get there, but thats how my mind works some times.  It all started with me reading slashdot, something I often do.  There was an article about trying to use social insects as a model for artificial intelligences in machines.  Instead of trying to make a “smart”robot, you just make a “swarm” of simple robots.  Each alone follows very simple rules, and communicates what it has done to the group.  As a group however complex decisions can be made.  The examples used to explain this were ants finding the best paths between the nest and a food source and a swarm of honeybees choosing a new hive site.  I won’t go into the details here, you can find lots of info on both by searching on google.  I found the topic on the bees interesting and wanted to know more about swarms.  This lead to more and more reading that moved into honeybee biology and beekeeping.  I don’t know what would have happened if I had decided to try and found more info on ants.  Would I be building and ant farm now?

I really can’t blame all this obsession on a random article on slashdot.  I’ve always been interested in science and nature.  Understanding how things work fascinates me.  On top of that, as I have gotten older I have become more and more interested in agriculture.  Growing or producing things seems to have a attraction for me.  I don’t want to be a farmer, but but being a gentleman farmer sound good.  🙂  I just need to work out the “wealth or income” part.  Bees are a fascinatingly complex and wonderful species that appealed to my curiosity.  On top of that they also provide the connection with the earth and our environment that I like about growing things.  The mix seemed irresistible.  It seemed like a perfect hobby.  Interesting and useful.

Is there something wrong me when a hobby seems more interesting because it includes 100,000 stinging insects?

4 Responses to “Why bees?”

  1. Phil Chandler Says:

    >>Is there something wrong me when a hobby seems more interesting because it includes 100,000 stinging insects?

    Almost certainly.
    Did you not know that bee venom contains tiny quantities of an etheric substance that causes the human brain to gradually fall under the control of The Hive?
    Only this can explain why so many people become devoted slaves, spending all their spare time and income on the perpetuation of an insect species.
    Alas, there is no known cure.

  2. kawayanan Says:

    🙂 That may explain it all – I visited another beekeeper’s apiary and was stung twice while working with him. I guess I am already doomed.

  3. Linda T Says:

    Understudy who posts all the time on Beemaster Forum is a fan of slashdot as well. I love reading the thorough way you are introducing us to your beekeeping adventure! I’ll be following along.

    Linda T

  4. meh Says:

    ear sir/madam
    i wokdlike to know the best way to attracte honey comb bee’s i southern afrirac: zimbabwe to be specifific. please help me
    thank you

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